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A Cost Effective Green Solution to Your Air Conditioning

23rd November 2017

Running an air conditioning system can be an expensive business, particularly if you run it inefficiently. Quite apart from the initial expense of capital investment and installation, there are ongoing running costs and periodic maintenance and servicing costs. One of the first things you learn though, is that there are ways to run an air conditioning system that can reduce your energy bills considerably. These include the siting of equipment, the discipline of closing doors and windows, varying thermostats and sensors according to room occupancy and implementing a good service schedule to ensure the system is running according to its full capability.

What goes hand in hand with saving money on energy of course, is that you reduce your carbon footprint and contribute towards the UK’s carbon emissions targets. All the big manufacturers are well in tune with this and are working on more efficient innovations to help with reducing emissions, and Mitsubishi have just released the next generation of power invertor system with this in mind.

Reducing your carbon footprint with air conditioning
The Mr Slim Power Invertor system is already an industry-leading unit, but this new split system is R32 refrigerant compliant and offers efficiency, flexibility and the performance you would expect from a big name such as Mitsubishi. In terms of eco-performance, Mr Slim meets EU F-Gas Regulation legislation and lowers Co2 emissions, it also runs on low GWP R32 refrigerant Mr Slim also offers a vast range of choice in terms of how powerful you want your system and how you plan to site it. The power range covers 3.5kW to 14kW, while the various combinations can be applied as a single, double or triple indoor unit multi-split system, with choice of 10 outdoor units and 25 indoor units. You can also choose between ceiling cassette, ducted, wall-mounted or ceiling suspended units.

Versatility of an air conditioning unit
With respects to versatility, you can install the unit with longer pipe runs of up to 100m on some larger models and with full heating capacity down to - 11˚C. You can also retro-fit the unit to most modern systems, so this can be part of a new installation or a replacement for an old system. The control options offered are also advanced and cutting edge, as are the industry-leading low noise levels, another positive contribution to the environment.

R32 is a more efficient and easier material to recycle, with a zero-ozone depletion potential, and a move towards this kind of technology will help lower your energy costs and fulfil your obligations in terms of reducing your carbon footprint. Furthermore, the R32 Mr Slim is a cost-effective investment, as it comes in at the same price as the current R410A models, but with plenty of added attractions. It is also suitable for a wide range of commercial applications across many sectors, such as restaurants, hotels, offices and even laboratories and hospitals. Other manufacturers are also changing their systems to operate on R32 with similar advantages.

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