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Air conditioning for businesses: The benefits

17th August 2017

1. Keeps employees & customers comfortable
Arguably the most important benefit of air conditioning is having the ability to keep employees and customers comfortable during their time within your business premises. Employees working in a controlled environment, which is not too hot or cold will no doubt be more productive and feel more at ease. The hot summer weather and the freezing winter weather can make working inside some places almost unbearable, which is why it's important to have control over how low or how high the temperature inside your place of business gets; and let's not forget about the legal responsibility you have to your employees to keep them within a safe temperature.

Keeping customers comfortable is also a must, as an uncomfortable high or low temperature will no doubt make them want to leave sooner rather than later. Keep them comfy and chances are they will stay for a little longer, looking at your products or enquiring about your services. It's hard to beat the feeling of a cool interior on a hot, sunny day.

2. Cost effective & very efficient
Although you may think of air conditioning as an expensive option for temperature control, just think about how inefficient heating large spaces or numerous areas is with radiators or electric fan heaters, as these create uneven heat distribution within the rooms their placed in. One person could be freezing on the opposite side of the room from your radiator while the person sitting right next to it could be experiencing their own personal heat wave.

With our air conditioning systems, you will get even heat distribution, so everyone will feel the benefits of the same temperature without different microclimates appearing within one area. It's not only efficiency to consider but also the cost (if you haven't experienced it already) of plugging in numerous electric heaters around your premises. These can also be a health and safety issue, as they will become very hot, so care must be taken when deciding where to place them. You can avoid this worry by having one of our safe and efficient air conditioning systems installed, which will not only keep you warm but also cool during the summer, something that radiators and electric heaters can't do.

3. Protects equipment/stock
It's not only people that need a comfortable environment, but also certain items of stock and electrical equipment, such as computer rooms and servers, which require controlled temperature settings. which is where our air conditioning systems come in once again. Keep stock from deteriorating or spoiling by maintaining a cool interior temperature, and protect electrical equipment from overheating by cooling it in a controlled environment with one or more of our systems.

If these benefits sound good to you then get in touch with us to find out more about how our cooling & heating systems would be good for your business.

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