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Air conditioning in Bradford

9th April 2016

Bradford is a city that mixes a strong industrial heritage with a prosperous contemporary vision, to form a thriving multicultural metropolis with various areas of growth. Lodged on the edge of the Pennines and yet within a vibrant concentration of diverse cultural, commercial and residential conurbations, Bradford is enjoying a renaissance as far more than simply the Curry Capital of the UK. With a vital part in the 19th century Industrial Revolution as a pioneering textile manufacturer, Bradford built up a reputation for traditional values, and its architecture reflects that. But today, the city is moving on in different directions, and the converted mill buildings around Saltaire perfectly illustrate the desire to celebrate the past but move on with the new.

Bradford has long been a centre for successful theatres and museums and is now emerging as a retail and leisure centre to rival nearby Leeds. The long-awaited £260m Broadway shopping centre opened in November 2015 and has already had a knock-on effect with other food, drink and retail outlets opening up nearby to connect with the renewed hunger for cementing Bradford’s identity. Elsewhere, new housing developments continue to spring up, with schemes underway in Apperley Bridge, Low Moor and Baildon and wherever you look, Bradford is growing. Much of Bradford’s architecture has evolved from Victorian listed buildings or the traditional stone cottages out in Railway Children-country of Haworth, but whether you are refurbishing period buildings or constructing sophisticated, modern new-builds, the growing need for air conditioning is making it a staple ingredient in an architect’s plans.

But air conditioning is too easily dismissed as merely a tool for making employees and visitors more comfortable, when its benefits and justification run far deeper than that.

Employers are increasingly finding that air conditioning is a vital aid to productivity. With employees feeling the effects of tiredness and lethargy in hot weather, their work rate drops and the quality of their output reduces, as a loss of concentration creeps in. Air conditioning can moderate the temperature to avoid this, and can address increasing stress levels to produce a more harmonious workplace. Lost work days through illness are a major factor in organisations struggling financially, and an air conditioning system can pay for itself in cleaning the air quality to reduce illness and increase health standards. That initial outlay is also not quite as significant as many people think. Although the average air conditioning system costs more than a gas central heating system, the initial expense is soon recouped due to the lower running costs. Cost savings are also found by computer systems not overheating and running more efficiently and security being increased by not having to leave doors and windows open.

Bradford is a welcoming environment with a commitment to opening its doors to new opportunities, although maybe not literally. Air conditioning allows employees and customers alike to do what they do best in conditions conducive with sharp, focussed and positive thinking. And that is what Bradford is all about.

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