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Air conditioning in Harrogate

9th April 2016

Many people think of Leeds, York or Sheffield when considering what the iconic hub of Yorkshire is, but if you are seeking a focal point that is dripping in the charm, elegance, history and warmth that is quintessentially ‘Yorkshire’ then Harrogate has it all.

Perched on the cusp of the epic expanse of the Yorkshire Dales, Harrogate is a bustling tourist centre steeped in tradition and class. There are architectural reminders everywhere of its 18th century development as a spa town attracting a wealthy locality; there are gardens, parks and extravagant hotels which draw on this legacy, and today Harrogate remains a vibrant and magnetic base from which you can explore all of Yorkshire. The cobbled streets and Edwardian grandeur retain the history, but there is also a cosmopolitan style to the shopping and cultural quarters, mixing designer chic with a fiercely independent spirit. Harrogate’s thriving economy is mainly derived from its conference and exhibition industry, and while the town has always stood as a commuter link to bigger cities such as Leeds, York and Bradford, a knock-on effect of its growing business climate is that Harrogate is now attracting more commerce and enterprise to its own streets.

While Harrogate is famous for its tree-lined avenues of grade ll listed buildings, there is also a huge amount of new development occurring in the North Yorkshire town. Quite apart from the various new-build home schemes extending the town’s burgeoning residential ardour, a £9m project is currently underway for new council headquarters right in the heart of the city.

In modern times of course, whether it is a new-build or the faithful refurbishment of a historic building, the inhabitants expect air conditioning, even if it is considered a luxury feature not in keeping with Harrogate’s traditional character. Air conditioning is now seen as a critical tool in a building’s infrastructure and in terms of offices and businesses is about far more than just employee and customer comfort. Air conditioning systems can increase productivity and quality through reducing lethargy, stress and a loss of concentration leading to mistakes. The filters used in air conditioning systems also provide a better air quality, which ultimately helps reduce absenteeism, while security and safety is also improved in the building through not having to leave windows and doors open. Many people see air conditioning systems as expensive, but modern systems are now more cost-efficient to run than central heating and can moderate a room temperature much quicker than more traditional methods. Cost savings can also be made through regulating room temperatures to keep computers and servers operating without overheating.

In addition to all these benefits, businesses simply aim to provide visitors or customers with a comfortable environment which reflects well on their organisation, and makes people more receptive to their products or services. And ultimately, that is what every business wants. So as Harrogate continues to cement its stature as a central cog in Yorkshire’s commercial, residential and tourism structure, air conditioning consolidates its position as a principal factor in a building’s framework and an organisation’s growth.

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