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Air conditioning in Yorkshire

7th July 2016

Yorkshire is an area of the country soaked in tradition, history, natural beauty and multi-cultural diversity, and while it attracts millions of visitors for its scenery, coastal landmarks, sporting spectacle, retail, arts and theatre offerings, Yorkshire is also a thriving hotbed of commercial development.

Cities such as Bradford, York, Sheffield and Leeds lead the way in many commercial, financial and retail sectors and the big cities are growing all the time in terms of attracting major organisations to relocate, which in turn increases housing demand and prompts major city living developments.

Construction in the big cities is never-ending, and whether organisations are renovating older, more established premises or investing in new building developments, an integral feature of any company’s infrastructure in the 21st century and an increasingly critical tool to a business is air conditioning.

The installation of air conditioning is not simply about employee comfort, although this is a primary justification, but a business can count on a number of advantages from it: - Increased productivity – providing a comfortable working environment, where employees are less stressed and less tired. This increases their output, but also reduces errors and means they may be willing to work for longer. Absenteeism is also reduced.
- Retaining personnel – all the above are factors that contribute to an employee in a probation period deciding to stay with the organisation beyond the short term. It can also help an established employee when deciding whether to move to a different job.
- Attracting better personnel – air conditioning may seem like an inconsequential factor, but it can sway a job decision if similar organisations offer better/worse working environments.
- Customers – air conditioning creates a comfortable experience for customers in a retail or other commercial environment. Customers are more likely to browse for longer if conditions are more accommodating and this also influences thinking and buying decisions. Furthermore, the environment reflects on your organisation and could create a more favourable or unfavourable impression.
- Visitors – meetings and conferences are likely to be much more productive and satisfactory overall, if delegates are comfortable, can think creatively and can promote ideas better.
- Financial – air conditioning will create financial savings through managing your climate more cost-effectively. This means you are controlling your temperature requirements more accurately, and tailoring your climates based on individual room occupancy at different times of the day.
- Health & Safety – it is a fundamental requirement for employers to provide suitable working conditions, but also, air conditioning improves the air quality in the working environment. Most organisations, from any sector, now have preventative maintenance schedules where building services and equipment such as air conditioning systems are included in a roster of items that require regular attention. Organisations such as Airtec Services can provide a third party maintenance agreement whereby your air conditioning is designed, installed and maintained according to your specific needs.

It can be established what kind of air conditioning system you require, according to your building’s design; this includes considering split air conditioning, which control panels you require and which kind of outdoor condensing unit is most suitable. Airtec can then look at a maintenance agreement whereby your air conditioning system is fully serviced on an agreed frequency, but you are also covered for breakdowns and emergency repairs.

Certainly, many businesses in Yorkshire now appreciate that an air conditioning system is crucial to an organisation’s day-to-day functioning, and they put in place controls, via a planned and preventative maintenance schedule to ensure that the comfort and wellbeing of their employees, customers, visitors and the business itself, doesn’t suffer.

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