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Air Conditioning To Serve Growing Office Developments In Leeds

16th November 2019

Leeds is City growing fast in the World of business; with one of the biggest tourist and retail footfalls in the country and big names flocking to the city to take up ever-expanding office and retail space. Central Square and Wellington Place are just two of the vast office developments that have opened in recent years, with Sky Betting & Gaming, HMRC, NHS Digital and the Lloyds Banking Group just some of the major brands taking up residence in Leeds.
Channel Four have announced they are also taking root in the northern powerhouse in 2020, and with all this development taking place, it is critical that landlords are providing commercial proposals that allow them to let out their office space and make the most of their investment. For many years Leeds has been a hotbed for some of the biggest names in the legal, financial and digital sectors and that doesn’t appear to be slowing down, but with big names come big expectations, and in terms of a modern, state-of-the-art office development, employees expect air conditioning as standard.

What are the benefits of air conditioning in an office?
Of course health and safety plays a big part in an employer’s responsibilities in 2019, and as a commercial landlord it will be expected by many that an air conditioning system comes as standard with modern office space. It is important that employees can work in comfortable and manageable conditions, and air conditioning gives an employer that control, but there are other benefits to air conditioning that make it an attraction when offering an office space proposal to a new tenant.
Air conditioning is an increasingly important factor in improving productivity and performance in employees, as a more comfortable working environment prevents fatigue and stress and enables an employee to function to their optimum performance, and for longer. The nature of an air conditioning system also means that absenteeism can be improved. Warm stale air is replaced by filtered cooler air (at least in the warmer months, it can be reversed for the winter) which also removes germs and bacteria from the office environment, which hence reduces the spread of disease.
It is also proven that air conditioning is cost-effective in terms of energy usage, particularly as you have more control over when and where the system is used, but also because air is dispersed more evenly and you are maintaining a stable temperature, rather than repeating a daily cycle of heating/cooling a room from a standing start.

Experienced air conditioning engineers in Yorkshire
Installing an air conditioning system is a known factor in increasing morale amongst employees, who can see they are working for a considerate and responsible employee who values their staff, and certainly if you weigh all these factors up, the pay-back in investment in an air conditioning system more than justifies the initial outlay.
Airtec Services have considerable industry experience in the installation of air conditioning systems in commercial office environments across the Yorkshire region, and particularly in Leeds. We can design a cost-effective system to suit your office design and your budget, and we can also discuss maintenance programmes to ensure your system is always working efficiently and to its initial design. So give us a call today and make sure your move in to Leeds commercial property is a successful one.

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