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Announcing the new Mitsubishi MSZ-LN!

31st March 2017

Airtec Services are pleased to announce that we are going to be working with the new, top quality Mitsubishi MSZ-LN. A top of the range, wall mounted system, which will bring you a whole new world of opportunities with your air-conditioning.

Here at Airtec, we take pride in being a company who only work with top quality products, which we know are going to provide a great job and service to our customers. With Mitsubishi Electric in particular, it is a brand with a very high reputation due to the amount of high quality products they produce and how well they last. We are now announcing that we will be starting to use this product due to its many benefits and qualities as well as the main aspect of it, which makes it so incredible – the use of the R32 refrigerant.

The product is a new, top of the range, wall mounted system using R32 refrigerant. What makes this R32 refrigerant so good, is that it is a product which gives higher performance as well as being a better alternative to the R410a. This is because with the more recent years having more problems with the air pollution and global warming, R32 is a product with a much lower GWP than the R410a. The R410a has a GWP of 2088 whereas the new R32 has a GWP of 675, totally out at being over 1400 GWP lower! In addition to this, the MSZ-LN is the first ever product to be brought out by Mitsubishi, using this new R32 refrigerant. The product is available in a range of four sizes from 2.5KW to 6.1KW, giving a wide range of choice, as well as the choice between colour as this product has a range of five colours with ruby red, onyx, black, pearl white and naturel white, giving a stylish and aesthetically pleasing approach to air conditioning. These products also come with a colour coordinated room controller which you can use to control the temperature of the room with ease.

Another amazing quality which this product has is the MELcloud. A built in, Wi-Fi interface which allows you full control of the monitoring of your product through the MELcloud app which can be accessed through a PC, tablet or smartphone! This app gives you the ability to control your units in terms of whether they are on or off, the temperature settings within this, a 7 day weekly schedule for the unit frost protection, holiday mode and even a log and record of any errors! It also gives localised information to users, such as the weather forecast. More technical aspects of this product which make it such high quality include:
• “I-see” infrared sensors – Automatically monitoring room occupancy, position and body temperature
• Double Vanes – Operating independently to give an even airflow distribution
• Dual barrier coating – Preventing the accumulation of both dust and grease
• Plasma quad plus filter – Filtering out things such as dust, bacteria, viruses, moulds, allergens and even microscopic particles
• Heat Caulking – Minimising cylinder distortion

To finalise, the product has a dramatically enhanced motor efficiency as well as being a product which can bring style, design and most of all a top-quality air conditioning system to your businesses.

Here at Airtec services we are able to install the product and by working with Mitsubishi Electric products for so long, we are now extremely proud to have the chance to work with this product that has been designed to work at an optimum rate whilst giving the best possible results.

By being a local Yorkshire company, we think that you could benefit from getting this service done with us as we also provide many additional benefits to the service such as free consultations being a trusted team of installers with great testimonials and case studies as well as finally, having a wide range of knowledge within this area of work.

If you are interested in this amazing new product by Mitsubishi, we are more than happy to help! To get in contact, you can call us on our Freephone at 0800 197 0179, email us at or click for a call back within the contact page of our site! For even more from us, you can also follow us on our social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter! We even offer newsletters, so become involved today!

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