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Birmingham bitter winters be gone

2nd March 2017

Birmingham, a city located in the centre of the West Midlands region of England is well known for its large population, popularity amongst many tourists as well as being the second biggest city within England itself! With a population of over 1.1 million people, it is no surprise that Birmingham is the home of many large as well as small local businesses including office based work, work which is located within restaurants and many other retail and commercial areas which hold clothing shops, factories and mass areas built to hold many people at once (such as arenas and stadiums). This huge volume of people which Birmingham hold does not stop there however, the modernised city which is famous for its history and commercial businesses is growing everyday with statistics which prove that since 2004 the city has grown by around 0.9% every year! With knowledge that the UK has of Birmingham’s impressive status within the country (by also being voted as the best business environment in Europe), there are no doubts that a lot of businesses will be in need of our air conditioning services such as installation and many other provided piece of work which we specialise within.

A lot of businesses as well as factories will already without a doubt have installed air conditioning units as it is now a requirement within the UK for certain heat requirements to be met within the workplace. However, these services may be due maintenance and repairs as well as a whole re-installation due to previous work by previous other companies providing your office or working space with unreliable and faulty air conditioning units. This is never a nice thing to happen to a business as we believe that if you do a job, you should do it properly which is why we provide the best services with top quality materials and products making the whole process as easy as possible for your business!

Within the winter months Birmingham offer those who visit a range of special town markets and events such as the Frankfurt Christmas event as well as the crafts market – these events are specially made to celebrate the upcoming Christmas season with stalls, live music and other activities which are fun for all and bring the community together. With Christmas being such a joyful time of year, it is a shame that many office and factory workers do not spread the same emotion when at work due to the inescapable cold temperatures due to no heating being provided from any air con system! With our very specific and specialised air conditioning and heating services as well as maintenance and installations, we can try and reimburse that Christmas spirit into all, making happier employees and a better vibe throughout the Christmas season! These specific heating installations can involve things such as general heating, VRF systems or heat pumps as well as fitted control panels so that you can chose the temperature you want with ease. After all, ‘tis the season to be jolly!

As previously mentioned, with Birmingham being a large business area, specific fields of workplace comfort such as air conditioning in order to reach the workplace health, safety and welfare regulations for the minimum and maximum temperatures recommended within your workplace are vital as these regulations can often come across as stricter in larger business areas. So to get in contact and receive more information you can call us on 08001970179, email us at , click for a call back or even arrange a free consultation by filling out the form within our webpage.

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