NCS Pearson was looking to extend their existing offices to incorporate an Engineering Office on the first floor level. The office was not to have any suspended ceiling of any type, as the client wanted to make a feature of the metal clad roofing, RSJ's and steel purlins.


Airtec Services (Yorkshire) Limited designed the job in such a way that the three ducted systems would be a feature of the design. The spiral ducting was installed to all three systems, after which we fully insulated it with foil faced insulation. To give the correct effect we then cladded it with polished aluminium. In order to keep with the circular theme we used nine circular diffusers each measuring 1000mm in diameter, sized to ensure an even distribution of air and also to fit in with the size of the light deflectors, to enhance the overall installation. We also installed a fresh air supply in order to comply with the relevant regulations.