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Heating Solutions for The Winter From Airtec Services

30th November 2018

At this time of year, we brace ourselves for the usual onslaught of sensational newspaper headlines declaring the onset of arctic blasts and three-months of frozen hell, when really it’s just your average winter. However severe the temperatures get over the next few months, we do know for sure that we’re going to need heating. As an employer, of course you have a duty to provide a safe and comfortable workplace, and in a commercial setting, preparing for the winter by having reliable and cost-effective heating solutions in place is a primary responsibility.

Airtec Services have a range of practical and affordable solutions to your heating concerns and now is the time to discuss them.

How do heat pumps work?
In terms of heating, the most popular system we work with at Airtec Services is a heat pump/heat recovery system. This has a higher rate of efficiency than a traditional central heating system and is relatively easy to install in a commercial environment.

One of the big advantages of a heat pump system is that usually it can be retro-fitted without much disruption, which is a primary consideration for a commercial organisation. Other advantages are that a heat pump reduces running costs, has lower CO2 emissions and it is a reliable and sustainable investment.

The benefits of air conditioning for heating
In many respects, a heat pump is similar to an air conditioning system in terms of the benefits it brings. Of course, an air conditioning system is traditionally used to produce cool air in the summer, but the concept is based on providing a stable temperature and clean, filtered air all year round. Hence, now systems are designed to reverse the cycle and produce warm air when required.

Split air conditioning systems are versatile in this respect and also make for a cost-effective investment. Air conditioning is also straightforward to install and is adaptable to many different environments. You are able to control temperatures in all rooms and also manage usage seasonally, and where rooms have low occupancy. This is a big factor in reducing costs and promoting smart energy usage within a workforce.

Airtec Services are one of the leading HVAC installers in the Yorkshire region and we have specialists who can discuss your heating requirements with you. Heating is a critical cost that all commercial organisations need to control, so take advantage of our experience and technical expertise and let us design the perfect system for you.

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