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Hot in the city?

1st August 2017

Today’s commercial buildings are increasingly air tight and filled with heat generating office equipment and lighting. This presents a problem for anyone trying to maintain a stable and comfortable working environment.

A solution for larger premises is the VRF/VRV* air conditioning system. VRF stands for Variable Refrigerant Flow, VRV stands for Variable Refrigerant Volume. The basic idea is that a large outdoor unit serves multiple indoor units. Each indoor unit uses an expansion valve to control its refrigerant supply to match the demand of the space it serves. The outdoor unit also varies its output to match the combined demands of the indoor units it serves.

Daikin introduced the VRV air conditioning system in 1982. This technology circulates only the minimum amount of refrigerant needed at any one time and enables individual climate control of air conditioning zones. Ideal for larger buildings with energy saving benefits. Mitsubishi Electric produce the City Multi VRF system. Heat pump systems: One outdoor unit provides all indoor units heating or cooling at a given time. Ideal for open plan offices, call centres or retail. On heat pump models, indoor units can be in either mode but all must be in the same mode if served by the same outdoor unit.

Heat Recovery systems: Simultaneous heating and cooling with the benefit of heat recovery. By moving energy where it’s needed, input is reduced by up to 30%. Offers flexibility, easy operation, comfort and control, making it ideal for hotels, offices and leisure spaces. Systems can also provide hot water, heat to air curtains and combines with mechanical heat recovery ventilation (fresh air) They offer considerable potential for energy savings in many applications.

Both systems are highly reliable with precise individual control and technology which minimises energy consumption to deliver optimum energy savings. Individual climate control settings for each zone to provide the utmost in comfort to commercial building settings which means that Mr Cool can set his office at a tropical 25 degrees Celsius and Mr Hot can keep his cool at a 21 degrees Celsius.

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*VRV copyright of Daikin

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