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Looking After Our Customers

31st August 2018

Looking After Our Customers
For over 20 years, Airtec Services have provided specialist service in commercial air conditioning installation, ventilation and service and maintenance. It means we are one of the most respected HVAC specialists in Yorkshire and our case studies are testament to that. But how do we earn the respect of our customers? That is achieved by understanding their business and proving that we are still a reliable service provider long after we have installed their systems.

In the modern commercial world, a business like ours wouldn’t survive if we didn’t appreciate the needs of our customers. There is a requirement to provide that little bit more in order to become a trusted and reliable supplier. We understand that every business has to keep an eye on the bottom line in terms of expenditure and running costs and that organisations using HVAC systems have challenges in terms of environmental performance, and that is where Airtec Services can really make a difference.

Our customer service pledge
Our technical experience is not simply limited to working with you to design and install a system to suit your premises and your business, we also provide a package that can help you post-installation. We don’t just walk away with a paid invoice and leave you to it, this is just the start of our relationship and we are committed to helping you operate your system effectively and maximise the benefits of what we have installed to really help your business.

We have trained and qualified HVAC specialists who bring a ‘whole life’ approach to your air conditioning or ventilation needs. That is, after installation we can provide service and maintenance support that offers you the following:
- Peace of mind that your system is operating effectively
- Easy access to spare parts from quality manufacturers
- The ability to maximise the lifespan of your systems
- The ability to run your systems efficiently to bring cost savings and environmental benefits in reduced energy usage
- A faster return on your investment

How our service and maintenance agreements work
Our service and maintenance agreements can be designed specifically to suit you. We usually recommend twice-yearly visits, but this can be amended depending on the critical nature of your systems or the harsh nature of your environmental conditions. Primarily we provide an ethical approach which ensures the agreement we reach suits your business and operations, and if we find any faults or work required, additional to a routine service, we don’t undertake that work without your prior consent and an agreement on price.

We can provide a free, no obligation quote to provide this after sales care package, which can become so important to the functional running of your business, so contact us today and we can bring peace of mind to the running of your HVAC equipment.

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