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Plan for Another Hot Summer Now

20th March 2019

Summer might seem a long way away, but preparation can start for it right now. You might have only recently packed the garden furniture away in readiness for the cold and dark winter months, and your tan from the glorious summer of 2018 may have only just faded, but you can plan for the next heatwave now. And for a business, success so often comes from planning ahead.
An air conditioning and fresh air system is a godsend in the summer months, and at Airtec Services, we know from our own experience that an investment in air conditioning can effectively pay for itself much quicker than many similar investments in the workplace.
It is well known that air conditioning helps with productivity, by creating a comfortable workplace in which people thrive. Creating the best conditions for your employees makes sense in terms of providing an environment in which your workforce don’t feel tired or lethargic and where their mind can process things much quicker, but it is also a necessity for health and safety and your basic duties as an employer.

The benefits of air conditioning in the workplace
Absenteeism is proven to reduce where Specific types of air conditioning is installed, because it filters the air and removes any airborne dust particles that could cause allergies. And although the general feeling of well-being and boosted morale which comes from the workforce being looked after is difficult to quantify, it does demonstrate how air conditioning is a great investment. And where businesses often survive or fail through small margins, the vital gains provided by increased productivity and reduced absenteeism might just make all the difference to your bottom line.
Furthermore, most modern air conditioning systems have a facility to benefit the environment during the winter months, by the system being reversed to provide warm air, and effectively you can create a stabilised temperature all year round using the same system. In addition to this, you have more control with an air conditioning system, so you can manage the temperature better in different rooms and use smart management controls to adjust temperatures in certain areas based on usage and occupancy.

How Airtec Services can help you
Ultimately this will be reflected in your energy bills and your operating costs, and with air conditioning systems being easy to maintain, the advantages of a dedicated service and maintenance agreement can be seen in having reliable support and a robust system that works throughout the year and keeps employee morale on the up.
So whatever commercial organisation you are running, be it a shop, a bar, a restaurant, or an office, there are clear benefits to investing in air conditioning, and this system can start working for you now. Controlling the climactic conditions in the workplace can start in the winter and you will then be prepared for the hot temperatures returning in the middle of 2019. Fingers crossed.
Planning ahead is crucial to a business, so don’t be caught out and invest in air conditioning today. At Airtec Services we can offer you a free consultation to assess your organisation and design the right solution to suit your premises and your budgets, so contact us today and we can make air conditioning work for you straight away.

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