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Planning Air Conditioning For 2018

29th January 2018

There are many capital investments a business has to make to build an infrastructure and to ensure growth as an organisation. Air conditioning does not always spring to mind as a critical investment project, but increasingly, such systems are becoming commonplace in offices, restaurants, retail and leisure outlets and other specialist business environments where climate control is important. But what are the benefits to a business?
Temperature control: Providing a comfortable working environment is a basic duty of an employer and air conditioning maintains this all year round.
Clean air: Air conditioning systems contain air filters that purify the air and replace contaminated air with clean air, continuously. So a business environment that could easily be a breeding ground for dust, bacteria and allergens now helps reduce absenteeism.
Cost efficient: Investment in an air conditioning system can be paid back by cost savings over the long term. Air conditioning systems can be easily controlled in different areas to reduce energy wastage, which also reduces your carbon footprint.
Productivity: Air conditioning systems provide a quiet and comfortable work environment, and it is proven that employees are far more motivated and productive if their working conditions are favourable.

At Airtec Services we have over 20 years’ experience in the design, installation and maintenance of air conditioning systems, so we can speak with extensive knowledge and offer case study evidence of all the benefits listed above. Having worked with clients in various different industries we know we can design the right solution for your business, tailored to ensure you have a cost efficient, reliable and long term system that works for you.
Our fully trained and qualified HVAC engineers work to high standards and are fully versed in the latest legislation and technological developments, all ensuring you get the very best service and the very best results and leaving you with a system that will provide benefits for years to come. The range of services provided by Airtec Services include:
Advising you on the best system: our split air conditioning systems can heat or cool efficiently and are versatile to suit all environments and applications. We can also advise on heat recovery and Variable Flow Refrigerant systems.
Ventilation: We offer systems that allow total heat exchange to extract stale air and replace it with treated fresh air.
Control: All our systems can be controlled to manage usage in different areas and at different times, to optimise your energy efficiency.
Service and maintenance: Our fully qualified engineers can return periodically to ensure your system is still running efficiently and there are no nasty surprises at the worst time of year, making sure an air conditioning system remains a key investment for the welfare of your business.

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