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Preparing your office for the winter months!

11th August 2016

Throughout the majority of summer, the UK is generally a happy country with warm weather, gleaming sunshine and lovely family BBQ’s celebrated outside in the garden enjoying the warm summers air. But as the autumn month’s start approaching everything starts to cool down, children go back to school and this proceeds through to the upcoming winter season with tremblingly cold winds, rain and even occasional blasts of snow. When this season does finally reach us it can regularly seem quite an appealing thought, the beauty of seeing children playing in the snow wrapped up in their big coats as well as couples and families walking in their wellies together enjoying the snowflakes as they land on their face to later go back home and sit in front of the fire together… But as many will know, this idyllic perception of the winter months does not apply for those at work in an office throughout the day. For these people winter can come across as a glum time of year where you turn up at work and the whole office is freezing and miserable and this can often be worse for those with strict uniform policies, so no coats or jackets allowed to be worn indoors and there’s pretty much nothing you can do to change the fact that you’re going to feel like an ice cube for the greater part of the day. So as you can tell, this is not a nice environment to have to be in for anyone.

So what if we told you there was a way? A way to stop you from being absolutely freezing at work. Well, with our air conditioning services which run throughout the whole year around we can help you transform your office space and make winter an enjoyable time of year! Our top of the range heating systems are air source heat pumps which are highly efficient and a brilliant investment compared to most traditional methods of heating. As well as being easy to install, suitable for a wide variety of properties and offering a reliable and sustainable heating and hot water option throughout the whole of the year, this is a good way to boost your winter and stay happy at work. As well as this, if you like the sound of this system but would prefer the best of both worlds with impeccable results all year around with a system which reaches top standards for both cooling during summer and also heating provided throughout colder, winter months, we can actually supply specialised systems which are dedicated towards providing for this job. A few of these products include split air con systems (which are perfect for smaller sized offices) as well as our much larger products such as VRF / ventilation (which are often used in large offices, factories and industrialised buildings). For maximum efficiency, our control panels can be installed alongside all products in order to add ease when it comes down to adjusting the settings.

So overall, why would you want to use Airtec as a provider for these services? Well, with our company having a great reputation for efficient, reliable and professional work within the air conditioning, heat recovery and ventilation industry. We have an in depth understanding of our customers’ needs and requirements with top customer care and services in order to make each step of the process easier for you. In addition to all of this, our services do not just stop at simply instalment of the products, we also specialise in design, installation, commissioning, servicing and maintenance of your equipment and unlike many other companies, we offer free customer consultations! This is a great way for our customers to have an initial one on one experience with us as well as gain a further understanding of the work we provide.

These services, as well as a sound investment for reasons which are great amongst personal opinion, it can also start being a legal requirement when weather becomes too warm or too hot within the workplace and this is all down to the Workplace (health, safety and welfare) regulations of 1992. These regulations suggest that the minimum temperature within a workplace should be at least 16 degrees Celsius in most office based workplaces, whilst the highest has not got a proper, meaningful figure based on certain different job types, however, it is still a legal requirement for it to be at a safe and reasonable temperature. So to get involved in contact with us, please call us on our free phone on 0800 197 0179, email us at or you can simply visit our contact page and click for a call back!

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