The need for control is paramount in order to optimise the performance of any air conditioning system and minimise its running costs. There are a wide range of control options designed to do just this.

Operating an air conditioning system without the right control can prove costly. It’s therefore important to ensure that every system is correctly specified to the degree of control it requires. Controls are available ‘off-the-shelf’ or where needed, individual control systems can be specifically designed to suit.

Good controls will benefit any application, large or small. Air conditioning products need to react to a variety of factors: Different room sizes, usage and staff levels; changes in the climate, including; electronic equipment and lighting. So whatever the application, optimum control of air conditioning systems is essential and will result in a constant, comfortable environment, which in turn is both energy and cost efficient.

When an air conditioning system is not properly controlled, it will not run as efficiently as it should. For every degree that the system deviates from the required temperature, energy costs can rise by up to 5%.

With the array of comprehensive control systems available, it becomes simple to design and install air conditioning systems. From a simple hand held controller to an interactive, computerised system – you are in control.