VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) applications are suitable for large scale installations, providing highly efficient heating and cooling systems.

Systems can be designed to provide a changeover capability between heating and cooling, ensuring a constant, comfortable indoor climate. A wide range of indoor units are available with link-up capabilities (depending on the capacity) which can be connected to a single outdoor unit.

Further energy savings can be made by the use of two-pipe systems rather than the conventional three-pipe arrangement, allowing for enhanced heat recovery, reflected in lower overall running costs. Double, heat recovery may also be achieved by the use of water cooled systems which recover heat not only from the refrigerant but from the water circuit too.

Sophisticated technology, combined with a high level of control and a level of energy efficiency mean that VRF systems have much to offer in today’s market.

    • Outdoor condensing units cope with all applications and are available as air cooled and water cooled heat pump and heat recovery units. Also available are high COP air cooled models
    • A wide range of indoor units able to tackle all room types are available in ceiling cassette, ceiling concealed ducted, ceiling suspended, wall mounted and floor mounted versions.
  • Mixed mode air conditioning uses a combination of VRF and fresh air ventilation to provide a comfortable environment at a greatly reduced to cost to both the bottom line and the environment. Passive ventilation technology cuts down on both cost and CO2 emissions by up to 25%, a good idea put into action.