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Server Room Air Conditioning

24th April 2018

Server Room Air Conditioning
Whatever the size of your business, a computer server room will be at the heart of it, and one of the most important rooms in the organisation. You can insure your business against losing the use of servers, but the disruption it can cause is still considerable and in many cases you will lose the lifeblood of the business.
Once the outside ambient temperature rises, a typical computer room can overheat quickly and either slow down, shut down temporarily or cause a total crash. Therefore it is vital that you address this by maintaining a stable temperature in a server room, and that this can be adjusted to take account of seasonal changes to hot weather in the summer and cold weather in the winter. At the same time, an air conditioning unit can filter the air to ensure humidity, dust and other contaminants are not adversely affecting the servers.

What air conditioning system do I need for a server room?
Air conditioning units for server rooms are slightly different to models used in a regular office because you need more intense and constant cooling over longer periods. We would also recommend you use a wall-mounted unit. Where the loss of a server could be catastrophic, even for a couple of hours, you might also wish to consider a back-up system, such as running a lead/lag set up to cope with fluctuating demand.
For a server room that is larger or has more equipment to temperature control, you should consider a more high-powered unit to ensure you have the capacity to maintain the optimal temperature required at all times. This may be a close control system, which controls humidity as well as temperature.

How our air conditioning expertise can help you
Whether you have a single server to control or a larger room with a bank of servers, we have the technical expertise to survey your requirements and make a practical recommendation based also on your room configuration.
This also takes into account your budget limitations and how you see the business growing, ie. what future plans you might have for the server room and the changing demands on it. We believe in using the best models and manufacturers available and our policy is that a quality air conditioning system is an investment that will save you money over the long term – via running costs, spare parts availability and breakdowns – we will always strive to find the best solution for you, so contact our sales team today.

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