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Sheffield Air Conditioning

29th July 2016

Sheffield is an extremely diverse and popular South Yorkshire city, named after the famous river which runs through it – the river Sheath. The city itself has different attractions for everyone from a brilliant nightlife with masses of accommodation due to the overall demand which the city has to try comply with, to never-ending daytime fun with plenty to choose from. Beautiful gardens and museums are dotted around the city for everyone to enjoy including the Butterfly Garden and galleries such as the Millennium Art gallery situated within the centre of Sheffield. As well as this, Sheffield is also a proud owner of 1/3 of the beautiful and well known Peak District as well as a huge owner for business and industrial areas including shopping complexes and a large amount of venues for events such as business meetings / conferences.

With all of these areas within Sheffield that include a lot of densely filled shopping outlets and business centres/ offices, there are no doubts that our services can be of use and help. Here at Airtec Services we provide a number of different services from split air conditioning systems to controls, heating and even service and maintenance to the work you already have completed on the property. We specialist in industrial buildings, offices, retail shops, restaurants and bar.

A split air conditioning system would be brilliant for the needs of small offices as they are cost effective and efficient as they are of a small to medium size, producing fresh air quality with both air cooling and heating properties to it. However, in larger building such as industrial buildings, a simple split air conditioning system would typically not be enough and that would be where looking into more advanced technology such as VRF and / or ventilation would come into mind. This is because their production is a lot higher and the uses are more widely ranged and powerful.

In an office or retail store especially, it is not highly practical to have to manually change the settings on your installed device by directly having to use it. This is where controls come into play. By having our control systems installed they make your system a lot more practical and less time consuming to use the air con system itself. So, when we think about Sheffield on a whole, this device would be widely used as the area is full of office complexes and shopping centres which are often very busy and don’t have the time to be fiddling around with things that can be made simple.

Within the city we can see that quality is an important attribute which links to the success and wealth which it holds. So we are trying to offer you, in Sheffield the same high standards of quality which you offer to us as a society on a daily basis. Our services never lack in their standards and we are sure, that by even just viewing some of our case studies, this message beams across all of our customers. Jobs are done as efficiently and quickly as possible, always having quality as the main priority. Our free consultations give our customers a chance to really get a feel of our high customer service standards and the quality which we work at.

Air conditioning and heating alone are very sensitive topics when it comes down to being in a business workplace as legally, employees must stick to health and safety at work laws. Some of these laws include keeping temperatures at a comfortable level as well as providing clean and fresh air. So due to Sheffield being high up in business, meeting guidelines for Health and Safety are a must to comply by. So why risk it? To enquire about out air conditioning installation services please give us a call on 0800 197 0179 or send us an email at . For our contacts page simply click here.

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