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Increase Office Productivity In The Warmer months With Air Conditioning

18th September 2019

At Airtec Services we are always surprised by people who are caught out when the weather changes quickly and their work environments are not set up for the increase in temperature. At a time when commercial businesses need to maintain any critical advantage they can, air conditioning is a vital investment that can improve your productivity in the summer months, so make your move and invest in your system now.
If you haven’t got an air conditioning system installed in your business, now is the time to put together a proposal and get ready for the warmer weather next year. If you already have an air conditioning system, now is a great time to arrange a service and secure its effective running over the critical summer months next year.

How air conditioning improves productivity
An air conditioning system can improve productivity in the workplace simply by creating an environment where people can thrive. In a hot, stuffy office people get tired, they perform slower and they think slower. Mistakes can creep in and fatigue becomes a big factor. With air conditioning you can maintain a stable temperature all year round, so the seasonal changes won’t affect the workplace and should ensure that people can always perform at their best.
In addition to this, a heat recovery ventilation system will reduce your absenteeism. The used air from inside a building is drawn out by the system and replaced by filtered air. This removes bacteria and contaminants from the atmosphere which can help to spread diseases, and means that people are working in an environment that is constantly being replenished with clean air and are therefore less susceptible to picking up an illness.
An air conditioning system is also good for employee morale, as people can see an organisation investing in its workforce and ensuring they are working in a comfortable and manageable environment. Other benefits to an air conditioning system are its energy efficiency, which will lead to energy usage reductions in the long term, and the control factor of being able to manage usage in different areas of the building, which again can affect the bottom line energy usage.

Air conditioning with Airtec Services
At Airtec Services we can design and install your air conditioning system and can also undertake routine maintenance of it. This is important as preventive maintenance ensures that your system is always working at its optimum capacity, which aids energy efficiency. It also pre-empts naturally-occurring issues that come up through everyday usage and ensures you have immediate access to qualified personnel and spare parts in a breakdown situation.
In terms of managing a business, air conditioning and the preventive maintenance of it is gradually increasing as a critical element of an employer’s basic duties. So contact Airtec Services today and we can help maintain your productivity all year round, and make a key contribution to the continuing success of your business.

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