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Welcome to Our New Website

8th March 2015

Welcome and thank you for visiting our brand new website where you will find news and updates about our products, allowing you you can stay informed with what’s new and what’s happening within the industry.

Our new website has been designed to be as informative and as user friendly as possible and best of all, it has been specially designed for mobile, so make sure you check it out on your mobile devices (if you aren’t already).

We offer professional air conditioning solutions, which not only include cooling and heating but also ventilation. Our multi split systems are ideal for individually controlling the temperature of different areas. Indoor units feed off a single outdoor unit, so you won’t need to worry about finding space for numerous external units.

Single split systems incorporate a single indoor unit, which works off a single outdoor unit. These are perfect for one room extensions or simply controlling the temperature in a single zone. If you require a fresh air supply to an internal space with extraction capabilities then go for one of our ventilation systems. These provide clean air to workers who may be in rooms with no other ventilation options such as windows.

Our heating systems are specially designed to distribute heat around the interior of a building safely and efficiently, creating a comfortable climate when external temperatures aren’t so comfortable. Our high-tech VRF systems use heat recovery technology helping to re-use energy that could have potentially been lost.

No matter which product you’re interested in we will work with your every step of the way to make sure the system you get is the system you need. We specialise in large commercial projects and we have many satisfied customers who are now working in a much more comfortable environment thanks to the products we install.

Within our new site you will find information on each of our specialist air conditioning services, which will help you maintain the temperature of your interior. If you’re planning a project and have any questions, please feel free to contact us direct by calling 0800 197 0179.

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