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What business improvements can air conditioning contribute to?

18th May 2016

Businesses use various methods to justify the expense of installing air conditioning in the workplace, and like any capital investment, the benefits and ‘pay-back period’ are a key part of the expenditure proposal. It is often difficult to quantify the business improvements that arise from capital investments such as air conditioning, as they often cover intangible areas of a business that are not measurable. But when preparing a proposal for the implementation of air conditioning, these are the key impacts on a business that can be used to form a justification:

Air conditioning is proven by various studies to improve productivity in a workplace through providing a comfortable working environment with improved air quality. Employees are less stressed and tired, make less mistakes, work quicker and more efficiently and will be willing to spend more time in the workplace. In addition, absenteeism will reduce. In some organisations, such productivity increases will be measurable.

A natural by-product of installing air conditioning and providing a comfortable working environment is that a business will attract and retain key personnel. It has long been established that people are an organisation’s main asset, and providing a suitable workplace is pivotal in getting the most out of employees, but also in ensuring they wish to stay in the organisation beyond the short term. Of course, this includes ergonomic factors as well as the interaction with other personnel and working patterns etc, but going from an office with air conditioning to an office without it, can be a key factor for many personnel who expect high standards from their employer.

Service and retail organisations will see improved custom from the installation of air conditioning. Nobody likes to feel bothered and harassed when they are making buying decisions, or if they are browsing and attempting to use their imagination in comparing one product to another. The same applies to visitors to a normal office building. Often a busy environment with no air conditioning is a real turn-off and can create a very negative image, people may walk straight past and it is just as important to a business in terms of outward appeal as shop front signage and advertising.

Naturally, energy efficiency is a metric used by businesses to measure key expenditure. The climate control ability of air conditioning can create major savings in terms of the temperature levels maintained and the ability to manage more accurately when the air conditioning system is used.

Health & Safety
Climate control and air quality in air conditioning systems combine to ensure businesses comply with basic health and safety requirements, which demonstrates you are looking after your employees and visitors first and foremost, but also complying with key insurance requirements as a business.

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